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The elements of networked urbanism

cortado y pegado del blog Adam Greenfield’s Speedbird1. From latent to explicit;2. From browse to search;3. From held to shared;4. From expiring to persistent;5. From deferred to real-time;6. From passive to interactive;7. From component to resource;8. From constant to variable;9. From wayfinding to wayshowing;10. From object to service;11. From vehicle to mobility;12. From community to social network;13. From ownership to use;14. From consumer to constituent.cortado y pegado del blog Adam Greenfield’s Speedbird

1. From latent to explicit;
2. From browse to search;
3. From held to shared;
4. From expiring to persistent;
5. From deferred to real-time;
6. From passive to interactive;
7. From component to resource;
8. From constant to variable;
9. From wayfinding to wayshowing;
10. From object to service;
11. From vehicle to mobility;
12. From community to social network;
13. From ownership to use;
14. From consumer to constituent.